Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Summer Vacation - By Frankie Schlomo

It's been a while since I last updated my blog.... It's been a busy summer, and my mommy and daddy have been taking me to different places and different activities to meet people, to meet dogs, and to teach people that Pit Bulls are sweet dogs....that bad owners should be banned instead of a specific breed of dogs!

Before I go any further in my summer vacation memories, I wanted to share a video by my friends at StubbyDog.  They have the same mission as me... and this video helps get the message out there about my breed!

Stubby Dog Upside Down Video

Now... my summer vacation!!

Every weekend I went to the park and walked with my Pit Bull friends.  I made new friends with the other doggies, and their mommy and daddies!
I sure hope we keep walking through the fall!! My friend Finley even taught me how to swim in the creek!

I also got to go to my Grandma's house with my sister to play in Grandma's yard.  We had so much fun...

This year my friends at  Cutters Mill Princeton had two pool parties. I met so many new friends, and got to play with dogs of all types!  I also made people think differently about Pit Bulls when they saw me playing so nicely!

I went to the L'Oreal "Your Dog Is Worth It Too" event to help raise money to fight Breast Cancer.  It was really neat-o!  I even got to meet my hero Captain Yocum from NJ SPCA!! He said he is keeping my book on his desk!

I also got to go to "The Strut" which was a fundraiser for CAS in Bucks County, PA.

In two weeks I am going to do a book signing at a fundraiser for A Fighting Chance Rescue, and then I am going to do a Book Signing at USA Dog Shop in West Nyack!

It's been a fun, busy summer.... looking forward to a fun fall!