Saturday, April 9, 2011


Wow!!  I am a lucky dog!

Here I am writing my first blog... and I don't even have thumbs!

My name is Frankie, and I am a pit bull. Yup! I said it... I am a Pit Bull!  Me and my sister Lily are both Pit Bulls... and we both love to cuddle and kiss and play!

Today I met two more Pit Bulls on Facebook... Sarge (who has a neat-o blog) and Patrick. You know.... Patrick! The Pit Bull that was thrown in a garbage chute in Newark, NJ.  My mommy told Patrick that if he got 500 of his friend to "like" my Facebook Fan page, that she'd donate money to the shelter where I was adopted from.  Not only did his friends "like" me, but they wrote me nice notes, and they even "liked" the shelter where I came from!  People must really like Patrick!

There are a lot more doggies like me, and Lily, and Patrick out there, you know!  Me and Lily were both abandoned. (Luckily now we have Mommy and Daddy!)  Lots of Pit Bulls are abandoned!  There is another one now at the shelter where I came from (SAVE, A friend to homeless animals.)  Her name is Bunny.  And where Lily came from (Woodbridge Animal Shelter) it is almost all Pit Bulls!  If you are looking for a pet, please go to a local shelter!  and if you want to help, but cannot adopt... sponsor a dog at a shelter. SAVE lets you sponsor a dog for $60 for 6 months to help defray costs of medicines and general care. Lots of other shelters do, too!

Here are the websites of the nice people that helped me and Lily before we found our home:


  1. Frankie,

    I am so glad you and your sister have a great mommy and daddy! You are both very lucky to be loved like you are.

    Good luck with your training!

  2. Hey, Frankie

    You're one cool buddy. Keep up the good work for other furry and human friends.

    Hugs for you and Lily.

  3. Dear Frankie, Thank you for sharing your story and for working to let people know that pit bulls are friendly and lovable. You and Lily are two angels that God matched with two more angels (your mom and dad) to become a beautiful family. I'm going to tell my neighbor 'Max' about you when we take our walk tonight. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

  4. Frankie,

    You, Lily & Patrick ROCK!! I'm sure your Mommy & Daddy feel like they are the lucky ones to have such wonderful babies in their lives. I have a pit bull/wolf mix named Ichabod that I posted a picture of on your Facebook page. Him, his wife (a pug, chihuaua, datschund mix) & 2 of their puppies are my babies. They are SO special to me & Ichabod has changed peoples minds about pit bulls too. Keep up the good work. Much love to you & your sister.

    A loving pit bull mommy,


  5. Hi Frankie and Lilly, I have a lilly too! I love all of you and am proud that u are helping raise awareness and thrilled you both have a forever home with the perfect mom n dad xoxo!