Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Teacher Frankie?

Hi Everyone!!!
It's been a really long time since I wrote!! Sorry about that!
It's been busy here.... I passed my CGC test and my Therapy Dog test... I started visiting assisted living facilities to make the residents smile..... me and my sister moved to a new house (where we had no Internet for two weeks)!

But today I did something super neat that I wanted to share!!

Me and my mommy went to a high school to teach the Animal Rights group about Pit Bulls.  I had so much fun! And I wanted to share some of what we talked about.

Mommy started by telling everyone about my story.  As you all know, I was abandoned last October at a shelter in NJ with severe Mange.  Now, over a year later I am a certified therapy dog!  I get to go to schools and hospitals and assisted living facilities.  It is very fun and rewarding.

What we spent most of the time talking about was pit bull myths and BSL.  The class did a pretty good job with our trivia... though a few students thought that pit bulls have locking jaws (FALSE!!) they got most of the other questions right.

We talked about what is a pit bull.  Me and mommy found a few sites with all the different definitions of pit bulls.  The one that generated the most conversation was that in Boston a dog has to look like  pit bull to be considered one - and they are not allowed in the city.  The same is true for PetSmart Hotels - where pit bulls are unwelcome.  The students were very interested to do more research on areas where pit bulls are not allowed.... and did not understand how a dog as calm as me might be banned.

We talked about the history of pit bulls as "nanny dogs" and then we talked about famous pit bulls.  I have a previous blog where I posted photos of famous pitties.... did you know that Hellen Keller had a pit bull? Tom Brady? The RCA dog was a pittie... as is the Target dog, Petey from Little Rascals, Sergeant Stubby from WWI.  Rachel Ray has a pit bull, IggyPoo, who is on all of her dog food and treat labels.

I'll keep posting more information about Pit bulls, so that everyone can learn something new!
Happy Holidays!

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