Thursday, April 4, 2013

HI!! Remember me?

I can't believe how long it's been since I last wrote a blog!

I have been very busy - completing over 50 therapy Dog visits to get my TDIA certificate. (This stands for Therapy Dogs International Active)  I spend a lot of time at the assisted living facility with my friends!
This is one of my friends.... he says that I always make him smile when I visit!  That makes me happy!
My friends threw me a third birthday party! It was so much fun...... They made me a cake of carrots since I am allergic to wheat and grains and lots of other stuff!
It was such a fun day!  We played games and took pictures!  My friend Elsie has her birthday the same day as mine, and she sewed me a banner! (Mommy is framing it to hang in our house!)

Since I last wrote, I was also in a wedding!  My mommy and daddy got married, and me and my sister Lily got to be in the wedding! We were pretty lucky because the Mayor of the town we live in loves dogs..... and he was the one that performed the ceremony.  He was so nice to us!  Here is a picture of me (and Lily is hiding behind mommy)
Now that I'm back, I promise to blog more!  I just wanted to say hi to everyone again, and remind everyone that i'm here!  You can always follow me on FB at Frankie's FB Page.

Promise to write again soon!!!

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